7 Days of Yoga Therapy for Mental Wellbeing

Free 7 Day Course

A free 7 day program packed with essential yoga therapy resources covering:

- Tackling Anxiety
- Managing Panic Attacks
- Meditation for Mental Wellbeing
- Clarity through Mantra
- Easy Yoga Poses for Mental Balance
- Instant Calm with Yogic Breathing

PLUS special BONUS resources!

"I can't believe this course was free! I really didn't expect there to be so much in it!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart"

Anna Lambert, Yoga Teacher

"I was really surprised by this course - in the best possible way. Using it to help myself and family with chronic anxiety. Highly recommended"

Miriam Ahmad

"I'm already using what I learned in this course with my clients. As a psychologist, everything in 7 Days is incredibly useful." 

Tess Middleson, Psychologist
London, UK

what's inside 7 days of yoga therapy for mental wellbeing?


Yoga Therapy for Anxiety

There has never been a greater need for effective techniques to combat anxiety. That's exactly what you'll get on Day 1 - a practical workbook + demo video to guide you and your clients through tackling anxiety with simple, easy to do practices.

Meditation for Mental Wellbeing

Get ready for your first interactive e-course! You'll learn how meditation supports positive mental health, plus practical exercises to get you and your clients up and running with 3 different meditation techniques.

Yoga Therapy and Panic Attacks

Discover how to use yoga therapy to manage panic attacks.Today's guide offers practical, simple yoga techniques for reducing the frequency and severity of panic attacks.  

Chanting and Mental Wellbeing

Whether you're new to chanting or an experienced user of chant and mantra, todays video course will show you how to use chant to bring instant calm.

Ayurveda for Mental Wellbeing  

Ayurveda is India's 4,000 year old system of health.  In today's resource, you'll learn how to balance your unique consititution to create mental balance.

Yoga for Mental Wellbeing Mini Guide

You'll LOVE this mini guide. Use it for yourself or re-brand it and share it with your clients - we're giving you a free template to customise however you like.

Movement, Breath & Mental Health

Your second interactive eLearning arrives today. Learn how the way we breathe impacts mental health and how to harness the power of movement and breath to bring peace and clarity.

Bonus Resource!

The high quality, practical resources don't end on Day 7! Look out for your special Bonus Resource on Day8 - you don't want to miss this very special and valuable extra bonus.

Get incredible, high-quality yoga therapy resources every day, with
7 Days of Yoga Therapy for Mental Wellbeing.

 7 Days of yoga therapy for mental wellbeing is what we all need right now 

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You Get:
7 Self Paced Modules
9 Introductory Videos
3 Interactive eLearning courses 2 How-to videos
4 Downloadable mini-guides

- Tackling Anxiety
- Managing Panic Attacks
Chanting and Mantra
- Postures for Mental Balance
 -Yogic Breathing

PLUS special BONUS resources!

Meet the Course Creator

I walked into my first yoga class 30 years ago. Paralysed with fear, I was struggling with acute anxiety and panic disorder and had lost hope of ever feeling ‘normal’ again. I was in despair.

 It wasn't a quick fix, but, over time, yoga played a significant role in my recovery. Yoga started out as a means of survival, but became a roadmap to joy, fulfilment and love.  

I've spent the last two decades studying how Yoga impacts mental health. I'm a certified Yoga Therapist and also hold a Master's degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy and a graduate degree in Public Health.

The 7 Days of Yoga Therapy for Mental Wellbeing is my gift to the yoga community, sharing some of the skills I've  learned along my own path.

I know these resources work - both from my own personal experience and the growing body of evidence for yoga as a complementary health modality for mental health.

Namaste and wishing you good health.

Nikola Ellis, MCAP, C-IAYT, Founder of Adore Yoga

 7 Days of yoga therapy for mental wellbeing

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