The Foundations of Yoga Therapy (150hrs)

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Do you want to help clients to manage their wellbeing with yoga?

This exciting online course will give you the foundational skills to safely support clients to manage their health with yoga.

I can't wait to welcome you to our supportive community of like-minded yogis!

Nikola Ellis, MCAP, C-IAYT, Founder of Adore Yoga

Are you passionate about the healing power of yoga?

With over a decade of experience sharing the healing power of yoga therapy, Adore Yoga has developed time-tested programs that work if you: 

  • Want to learn how yoga can support healing but don’t know where to start
  • Are a yoga or wellbeing professional wanting practical skills to support clients with health issues 
  • Worry that you don’t know how to safely work with students with injuries 
  •  Don’t have the confidence to offer yoga in a one-on-one setting 
  •  Thinking about becoming a certified Yoga Therapist but not sure if you’re ready to commit to the full training

By the end of this course you will have:

Foundational skills in yoga therapy techniques 
 Ayurevdic tools to share with clients
A set of tailor-made tools to use right away
breathing & Meditation techniques for health
the evidence base for yoga therapy
Know how to manage common health issues with yoga

Lenore Bower

Newcastle, NSW

"I've just completed the Online 150hrs Foundations of Yoga Therapy with Nik and the Adore Team and can't recommend this course highly enough. Nik and her team are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about all things Yoga Therapy and create an engaging, supportive learning environment. This course has helped me immensely, both professionally and personally. I look forward to training with Nik and the Adore Team again someday. Thank you so much!"

How the Course Works

There are two steps in this exciting, highly interactive course - live online tutorials and self-paced home study.

1. live online tutorials

Every week, you will work collaboratively with like-minded yogis in an engaging live online tutorial. In these super interactive sessions, you'll get plenty of practice applying what you learn in small-group break out rooms.  You'll gain hands-on teaching experience that ensures you get real and lasting value from your training.


Between each live online tutorial, you'll receive a  comprehensive home study kit. Your home study will prepare for you to get the most out of every tutorial. Each home study kit contains a wealth of hand-picked content.  You'll get rich insight into each subject area with engaging videos, easy-to-follow notes and practical tasks.

Course highlights

The 150hr Foundations in Yoga Therapy program will give you real practical skills you can start using right away with your clients, including: 

somatic techniques to Help manage pain

crafting individualised  therapeutic sequences

use Ayurveda in a therapeutic setting

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If you are passionate about learning to incorporate therapeutic yoga into your work as a yoga or wellbeing professional,  the Foundations of Yoga Therapy is right for you. Our ideal students fall into one of three categories:


It seems like every class you teach has a student with a health issue. You'd love to help them, but worry that you don't know enough to keep them safe. This course will give you the insights and skills to support students to manage their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. 


You’re a health or complementary medicine professional who instinctively knows that yoga will have a positive impact on your clients. This course will show you how to tailor the techniques of yoga to support optimum health.


You are a regular yoga practitioner living with a health issue that you want to manage with yoga. This course will provide the support and inspiration you need to develop a therapeutic personal practice tailored to meet your individual needs. 

Course Curriculum

Click on each course topic to see details

We start by exploring how your deepest values help you connect to students in meaningful ways. You’ll learn how the key philosophical yoga texts create the foundations for Yoga Therapy and how the ancient principles these texts contain help to heal dis-ease.  

This workshop will radically change the way you plan and teach yoga classes. You will learn foundational techniques for assessing students’ needs and hands-on techniques for teaching therapeutic yoga.

In this exciting session you will discover the Yoga Therapy approach to managing some of the health issues that you will see in class every week as a yoga therapist.

Expand your understanding of prana, pranayama and the nadis. Prana is an important component of yoga therapy and you’ll learn important techniques that harness the power of prana to create profound healing transformations.  

Take a fresh look at anatomy as we explore the human body through the yoga lens. No two bodies are the same and this workshop introduces you to the skills required to understand how individual anatomical features impact the way your students move.

Trauma sensitive yoga forms the background of Adore Yoga's approach to yoga therapy. Discover how and why using a trauma sensitive approach supports students of all backgrounds to health through yoga.

Explore how meditation is integrated into yoga therapy as a tool for healing. Build your confidence in teaching (and practicing) a variety of meditation styles including mindfulness, mantra and moving meditation.

In this session, we invite you to rethink everything you've learned about sequencing yoga practices!  You'll learn why and how yoga therapy sequences follow a very different process to regular yoga classes. You'll also learn how to design personalised yoga sequences designed to meet the therapeutic needs of each student. 

Ayurveda, India's ancient system of healing, is at the very heart of Yoga Therapy. Immerse yourself in the wisdom of Ayurveda and discover how Ayurvedic principles infuse the practice of Yoga Therapy. Gain practical skills in Ayurvedic assessment and apply Ayurvedic techniques to support students as they heal.

Course Dates

29 AUGUST - 12 DECEMBER 2021

Once you sign up, you can start working through the course content right away, then join your fellow students for the live scheduled tutorials. The live tutorials take place every Sunday from 29 Aug - 12 Dec 2021. These mandatory tutorials are highly interactive with real-time hands on collaborative practice.


You’ll have access to all the content forever and can join in with all future live tutorials for as long as the program is running. With never ending access to both the course content and live tutorials, you’ll be able to make even more progress towards your dream of helping people heal through yoga.

Jasmine Bashford


“A great course for anyone ready to build on their yoga training and start to dive deeper into applied anatomy and explore interlinked areas such as ayurveda and somatics.”


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Price Includes: 
  • 16 x Live Online Tutorials (100hrs)
  • 16 x Weekly Study Kits (50hrs)
  • Certificate of Completion

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 In comparison to the other YT therapy courses I have done - you rock 100%. I can't thank you enough for how much care and support you have provided so far. I'm so grateful and excited to be an Adore Traine!!! so, THANK YOU!!!

Ally Miller

"It’s a very well structured course, and impeccable organisation."


Michelle Beck

"I feel such a level of accomplishment at the end of each module. And I have to say, the zoom sessions are great. I do love face to face education but not traveling to education facilities has been quite a relief." 

Effe Diamond


You’ll be learning from some of Australia’s most experienced yoga therapy professionals.

The course is lead by senior Yoga Therapist Nikola Ellis who has a master’s degree in counselling and applied psychotherapy, a graduate diploma in public health (USYD) and over 20 years experience practicing and teaching yoga therapy.

Nikola is joined by Yoga Therapy experts Sunita Patil and Tracy Gerza.

Download the course guide for full bio's on all your teachers.

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is 100% online. But don't think you'll be sitting back watching boring PowerPoints. This course is highly interactive! You'll be interactingwith fellow students, working in pairs and small groups to put in to practice everything you learn. You'll be moving around and working collaboratively throughout the course - it's completely different to other online courses you've experienced!

No! Our online program is easy to use and all you need is a laptop or PC with a camera, microphone and internet connection.

You'll receive a weekly home study kit which includes fascinating readings, teaching practice, short assignments and videos. The home study component of the course requires at least 50hrs study - that's about 4hrs per week.

You will need to be a regular yoga practitioner who is familiar with the practices of asana, pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation. You do not have to be a certified yoga teacher to join the course. However, if you are a certified yoga teacher, this course is recognised by Yoga Australia and you will receive 100 CPD points.

If you are already a 200hr yoga teacher, you will be able to register as a Level 1 (350hr) Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia at the end of this course. You will also have the minimum training hours to apply for an accredited Yoga Therapy training program with a certified Yoga Therapy training school. Completion of this course does not accredit you as a Yoga Therapist. Certified Yoga Therapists must successfully complete a recognised program (minimum 650hrs over 2 years).

“An informative, well balanced course that gave me the confidence to take the tools of yoga therapy into my daily practice and assist my students with great care and insight.”

Francesca Morgante
Sydney, NSW


Book by 15 July and SAVE!

Save AU$460


Ends 15 July 2021

Early Bird Price: AU$1920 (ends 15 August 2021)
Standard Price: AU$2,200 (after 16 August 2021)

Price Includes: 
  • 16 x Live Online Tutorials (100hrs)
  • 16 x Weekly Study Kits (50hrs)
  • Certificate of Completion

Payment Options

  • Six Monthly Payments
  • 6 payments of

    $295 AUD

    per month

    Price goes up 15 July. Total payment $1770

    Buy Now - Pay Monthly